Welcome To My Private Practice

There is a shift taking place in the science of psychology. Traditional approaches focus primarily on psychological problems and disorders. When the symptoms are diminished, the client is considered to be “cured” and a therapist's job is generally considered to be complete. But mental health is more than just the absence of problematic symptoms. The new paradigm still addresses pain and suffering but doesn’t stop there. Newest research addresses ways to cultivate a greater sense of overall happiness and wellbeing.  Therapy is not only a means to heal our wounds and overcome our pain, but also a means to create more joy and meaning so that we can thrive in our lives.

No one goes through life without facing pain at some point. Yet how we address our pain will make all the difference in how deeply we suffer, how resilient we are and how much we grow from these experiences. My goal is to help you create the conditions for you to cultivate a happier, more meaningful, more gratifying life. I will serve as a compassionate, supportive guide—focusing on your strengths. When we look in the right places, we find that we have a wealth of internal resources we can draw upon to face the trials we are currently going through.

My approach is Integrative, Holistic and Transpersonal.  I will provide a loving, open space infused with curiosity and humor. My role initially will be to help you gently inquire into and overcome self-defeating patterns and limiting beliefs which deplete your life force. Honestly facing ourselves where we are and accepting our current circumstances with kindness and loving-mindful attention is the first step towards greater happiness and peace of mind. The deeper work will be to assist you in discovering your true, essential nature and brilliance.

I work with adults, couples and teens drawing from various transformational modalities based on your unique needs. I integrate cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic work, humanistic therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness meditation, and energy healing techniques to clear the way for your own innate wisdom to heal and transform your life.  

I am happy to offer a free 20 minute phone consultation to determine whether I am the right therapist for you.