About Me

I am a certified, Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in Napa California. I have 11 years experience working with terminally ill patients and their families in hospice and 4 years experience working with at risk teens in residential care settings.

I have studied various alternative holistic modalities including somatic work, non-dual teachings, mindfulness meditation, A Course in Miracles, hypnotherapy, intuitive development and more. But my primary training has been through my work with clients as well as my own personal journey of healing and transformation. I know first hand that healing from trauma and “the dark nights of the soul” are not only possible, but hold within them the key to discovering our true greatness. When we lovingly, compassionately embrace our pain rather than suppress or try to get away from it, the guilt, blame and shame so many of us carry begins to dissolve-- allowing the truth of our being to emerge from the darkness. The pain itself becomes the vehicle which fuels us towards greater freedom and a deepened experience of awe and wellbeing in all aspects of our life.

You don’t have to go through this alone. Whether you’re facing a terminal diagnosis or  grieving the loss of a loved one,  if you are struggling in your relationships, or coping with with anxiety and depression,  or if you would like to cultivate more joy and meaning in your life, I can help. I will infuse our collaboration with loving acceptance, humor and curiosity to create a trusting therapeutic relationship where you can find clarity about what your body, mind and soul are signaling to you. With the right therapist, a willingness to inquire within and the desire to see yourself and the world differently, a greater sense of Love and Joy will emerge and thrive.